Jacqueline Jarvis

Jacqueline Jarvis, artist

Jacqueline has lived and worked in North Cornwall for over forty years and is a Fine Arts graduate of Falmouth College of Art followed by postgraduate studies at Exeter University.

Jacqueline is both painter and printmaker and the underlying theme of her studio work is the passage of time, whether this be a figure in motion or the continuously changing landscape. She draws and paints from real life, but this is not intrinsically the end product for her. It is a process of information gathering which Jacqueline then applies to larger projects and construct sequences of work which are designed to be exhibited together.


The Poetic Names of the Full Moons, by Jacqueline Jarvis

“The Poetic Names of the Full Moons”


Spiral Chronicle 2018-2019, by Jacqueline Jarvis

“Spiral Chronicle 2018-2019”



Chronicle of a Hawthorn Tree. Series of Four (winter) - Jacqueline Jarvis

“Chronicle of a Hawthorn Tree 2010” – Winter (from a series of four)

Chronicle of a Hawthorn Tree 2010 - Jacqueline Jarvis

“Chronicle of a Hawthorn Tree 2010” – Summer (from a series of four)


Circular Chronicle 2007 - Jacqueline Jarvis

“Circular Chronicle 2007”