Jane Delaney

Jane Delaney self portrait, Cornwall

Living in Cornwall, Jane is inspired by the beautiful local fishing ports. She enjoys capturing marine scenes but is equally happy painting portraits, landscapes, and wildlife. A former graphic designer, Jane is known for her detailed work. Her coastal works have water that is not only translucent but seems to be moving and fluid, with a combination of high detail and vibrancy.

Having lived just across the water in Brittany, Jane had her own seafront gallery for 20 years and frequently exhibited in Paris.



Green ,Padstow, Jane Delaney

“Jubilee Queen, Padstow”


Newquay Harbour 2022, Jane Delaney

“Newquay Harbour 2022”


Padstow, Jane Delaney



Cornish Sardines 2022, Jane Delaney

“Cornish Sardines 2022”


Cornish Prawns 2022, Jane Delaney

“Cornish Prawns 2022”