Richard Sharland

Richard Sharland, Artist

Richard Sharland is an artist/environmentalist who was initially inspired and taught by west country watercolourist William Lyons-Wilson . Much of his work derives from the landscapes of north Cornwall and the west of Ireland, with journeys into abstraction, sometimes undertaken by fragmenting his own watercolours and reassembling them in collage. He lives in Altarnun, where he runs Terre Verte Gallery.



What the Light Was Like, Richard Sharland

“What the Light Was Like”

Sunset over the Lake, Richard Sharland

“Sunset over the Lake”


In the Line of Fire (III), Richard Sharland

“In the Line of Fire (III)”


As the Crow Flies, Richard Sharland

“As the Crow Flies”


Rock Pool, Millook, Richard Sharland

“Rock Pool, Millook, Richard Sharland”